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2.1 Algorithm for obtaining a work permit

Algorithm for obtaining a work permit for foreign citizens

  1. Заключение инвестиционного договора (при необходимости)

  2. Получение земельного участка (при необходимости) 

  3. Разработка и утверждение предпроектной (предынвестиционной) документации, включая обоснование инвестиций и задание на проектирование;
    • обоснование инвестиций;
    • выбор технологии производства;
    • разработка бизнес-плана;
    • определение предварительных капитальных и эксплуатационных затрат;
    • оценка воздействия на окружающую среду.

  4. Прохождение государственной экологической экспертизы

  5. Принятие решения об инвестировании

  6. Разработка проектно-сметной документации (параллельное проектирование и строительство возможны при заключении инвестиционного договора с Республикой Беларусь)

  7. Государственная экспертиза проектно-сметной документации

  8. Выполнение строительно-монтажных работ, поставка, монтаж и наладка оборудования

  9. Ввод объекта в эксплуатацию
3.3 Algorithm for developing pre-project documentation
  1. Initiation of the project. Head appointment
  2. Development and approval of a schedule for the preparation of project documentation
  3. Determination of the contractor
  4. Definition of preliminary project parameters, collection of initial data
  5. Filing a declaration of intent (if necessary)
  6. Development of an investment rationale and project management plan
  7. Development of a business plan (if necessary, attraction of credit funds or investment resources)
  8. Development of architectural planning concept (if necessary)
  9. Preparation of design assignment
  10. Passing a state environmental review of investment justification (if necessary)
  11. Conducting a public discussion of the architectural and planning concept of the object (if necessary)
  12. Conducting state comprehensive examination of the business plan (if necessary)
  13. Approval of pre-project documentation of the customer in case of passing all necessary examinations and obtaining approvals
4.1 Liquidation of a legal entity
  1. Decision-making on liquidation and appointment of a liquidator
  2. Notification of registration authorities, tax authorities, customs authorities, Belgosstrakh, the Federal Social Protection Service, organization employees and interested parties
  3. Conducting inventory
  4. Settlements with creditors, settlements with participants
  5. Preparation of an interim and final liquidation balance sheet
  6. Submission of documents to the archive
  7. Bank account closure
  8. Submission of documents to the registration authority for a decision on making an entry in the Unified State Register
4.2. Stages of bankruptcy proceedings in the Republic of Belarus
  1. The filing of the bankruptcy petition to the court Who can submit:
    • debtor himself
    • creditor
    • prosecutor
    • body of state management on Affairs about economic insolvency (bankruptcy)
    • tax authority
    • custom authority
    • bodies of the Social Security Fund, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection

  2. Initiation of a court case on declaring the company bankrupt and appointing a Manager. According to Belarusian law, the applicant must propose a list of at least 3 individuals - candidates Procedures (stages) of the bankruptcy:
    • Protective period
    • Bankruptcy proceedings (includes: rehabilitation (protective period) and liquidation (liquidation proceedings)
    • Settlement agreement

  3. Opening of bankruptcy proceedings in relation to the debtor, which is reported in the media

  4. Submission of claims of creditors to a bankrupt company (term - 2 months)

  5. Opening of liquidation proceedings, if the fact of bankruptcy was proved by documents provided by the manager, which contains all the necessary information about bankruptcy, after the specified period, the court recognizes the business entity as bankrupt

  6. Satisfying Creditors

  7. Submission by the manager of the final report on the liquidation of the legal entity

  8. Judgment of completion of liquidation proceedings

  9. Exclusion of a business entity from the Unified state register. The representative of the subject receives the corresponding statement, all debts are written off and considered to be paid

*The minimum duration of the procedure is 8 months

How to start up a business in small, medium-sized municipal settlements and rural zones?

To perform the activity falling under the privileges provided by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 07.05.2012 N 6 "about stimulation of business activity in the territory of medium, small municipal settlements, rural zones", it is necessary:

— to register a commercial organization or an individual entrepreneur with the location (residence) on the territory of medium, small municipal settlements, rural zones and

— to perform activities for the production of goods (performance of works, provision of services) on the territory of medium, small municipal settlements, rural zones.

(The territory of medium, small municipal settlements, rural zones refers to the territory of the Republic of Belarus, except for the territory of the cities of Baranovichi, Bobruisk, Borisov, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Zhodino, Zhlobin, Lida, Minsk, Mogilev, Mozyr, Molodechno, Novopolotsk, Orsha, Pinsk, Polotsk, Rechitsa, Svetlogorsk, Slutsk, Soligorsk).

Рекомендации по приобретению недвижимости:

To verify a potential seller
  1. Examine information on the legal capacity of the potential seller, i.e. whether he/she may have the rights and obligations depending on the purposes of his/her activities.
  2. To verify whether the potential seller is in bankruptcy proceedings. This can be done through the Unified state register of bankruptcy information (
  3. To find out if a potential seller is involved in legal proceedings.

The schedule of meetings on economic Affairs can be found on the website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus (

To verify the object of the transaction

To analyze:

  1. extract from the Unified state register of real estate, rights to it and transactions with it (hereinafter - USRRE) in respect of the property of interest;
  2. an extract from the USRRE in respect of the land on which the property is located;
  3. technical passport;
  4. the list of objects for which acquisition local public authorities have the preferential right;
  5. rent agreements concluded with respect to real estate;
  6. documents on connection to the networks of heat, water, gas, electricity.

Sign the contract and the act of acceptance and transfer of the object
To register the transaction