1.1.3. Algorithm for registration as an HTP resident

  1. Preparation of an application for registration of a legal entity (individual entrepreneur) as a HTP resident
    The application must be accompanied by certified copies of the constituent documents and the certificate of state registration. registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur; business project proposed for implementation as a HTP resident;
  2. Filing a registration application
    A legal entity (IE) submits an application for registration with the necessary documents to the HTP Administration.
    State registration fee is not provided.
  3. Registration application review
    The administration of the HTP studies the submitted application and sends its opinion on the appropriateness or inappropriateness of registering the applicant as a resident of the HTP for consideration by the Supervisory Board.
    The Supervisory Board decides to register or refuse to register the applicant as an HTP resident, taking into account the importance and importance of the presented business project for the development of new and high technologies.
  4. Registration as an HTP resident
  5. Signing an agreement on the conditions of activity of an HTP resident