3.5.2. The order of gasification of the construction site

  1. Development of technical conditions for gas connection
    • application;
    • title documents for a real estate object;
    • title documents for a land plot;
    • legal documents of a legal entity

  2. Obtaining permission from the local executive and administrative body for the development of design estimates

  3. Production of design and estimate documentation for gasification
    • To develop design and estimate documentation, the project organization must submit
    • Technical conditions for gasification
    • A document confirming the right of ownership
    • Permission of the local executive and administrative body to develop design estimates.
    • Topographic plan of the site with the designation of all engineering communications on it.
    • A copy of the technical passport or construction project indicating all sizes and the name of the premises.
    • A set of technical documentation for gas equipment in Russian, which must have a certificate or permission to use it.
    • Provide information on the exact location, size and manufacturing materials of existing smoke and ventilation ducts.
    • Indicate the exact location of gas appliances and the location of the gas pipeline.

  4. Project approval

  5. Construction and installation works

  6. Production of technical documentation

  7. Gas start