3.4.2. The sequence of actions of the investor in the two-stage design of the object

  1. Conclusion of a contract with the general designer for design and survey works

  2. Performing survey work if necessary

  3. Performing survey work if necessary

  4. Development of an architectural project in accordance with TKP 45-1.02-295-2014 “Construction. Design documentation. Composition and development order ”

  5. Approval of the project with state and local government bodies if there are deviations from the tnpa and technical conditions

  6. Coordination of the project with the territorial division of architecture and urban planning

  7. Obtaining the conclusion of the state examination of the project, if necessary

  8. Approval of an architectural design

  9. Conclusion of a contract for the implementation of architectural supervision, if it is not included in the main design contract

  10. Development of a construction project as a whole for an object or for construction phases (with the allocation of launch complexes)

  11. Registration of the declaration of conformity of design documentation

  12. Construction and installation work