3.5 Technological sequence of construction work stages

  1. Conclusion of a construction contract

  2. Obtaining a permit to perform construction and installation work on the object as a whole or for a preparatory period

  3. Execution of construction and installation works in the preparatory period of construction. Registration of production and executive documentation
    • Creation of a geodetic reference base, including the creation of a reference geodetic network
    • Clearing and planning of the territory within the boundaries of the construction site, including: removing the fertile soil layer; replanting or protecting green spaces; disconnecting or transferring existing engineering networks; initial planning of the construction site; demolition of buildings and structures (if necessary)
    • Drainage of surface and ground water, including: arrangement of upland and drainage ditches, banding; open and closed drains; surface layout for storage and installation sites
    • Site preparation and construction, including: construction of temporary roads and entrances to the construction site; laying of temporary communications; construction of Parking lots for construction vehicles; fencing of the construction site; preparation of temporary residential premises

  4. Obtaining a permit to perform construction and installation works for the main construction period, if it was not obtained earlier (in the local Executive and administrative body)

  5. Execution of construction and installation works during the main construction period. registration of production and Executive documentation

  6. Acceptance of the facility in operation