3.5.3. Electricity connection at a construction site

  1. Appeal to the energy supply organization
    • application for the issuance of technical specifications;
    • title documents for a land plot;
    • правоустанавливающие документы на недвижимость;
    • legal documents of a legal entity

  2. Development of a power supply project
    • contacting a design organization with a license for this type of activity. The design organization must submit:
    • technical conditions;
    • engineering and geodetic surveys;
    • construction project with a local reference

  3. Approval of the project with the district power networks

  4. Purchase of electrical and technical equipment in accordance with the project and technical conditions

  5. Performance of electrical installation and commissioning

  6. Electrical work (carried out by a specialist licensed for the relevant type of activity)

  7. Verification of compliance of the work performed by the energy supplying organization (an act is issued based on the results of the audit)

  8. Connection of electrical installations and conclusion of an energy supply agreement with an energy supply organization