1.1.1. Algorithm of actions when registering a legal entity

  1. Make a decision on the establishment of the company, issue it on paper
  2. To determine the location of the company
  3. Hold the constituent Assembly and sign the minutes of the constituent Assembly
  4. Agree on the name
  5. Prepare and approve the Charter (constituent agreement)
  6. Pay the state fee for state registration
  7. Submit an application for state registration and relevant documents to the registration authority by personal appeal or through the USR web portal
  8. Make a seal (this procedure is not mandatory)
  9. Form executive bodies
  10. Open a bank account (with the help of the registration authority even when submitting documents for state registration or by personal)
  11. To issue an electronic key to reporting
  12. Purchase a book of checks and a book of comments and suggestions, inform the tax authority about the selected tax system for the establishment of the taxpayer's business
  13. Submit documents to the social protection Fund of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the Republic of Belarus
  14. Form the authorized capital in the declared amount within 12 months from the moment of state registration