1.1.2. Algorithm for registering as a FEZ resident

  1. Establishment of a legal entity
    A resident of a free economic zone may already be created and passed state registration of legal entities with a location within the boundaries of the corresponding free economic zone. On the territory of the SEZ, the registration of legal entities is carried out by the administration of the SEZ.
  2. Investment project preparation
    An investment project must meet the following basic criteria:
    • the amount of investment should be equivalent to at least 1 million euros, however, if the investor is ready to invest within 3 years, then for this category of investors the minimum threshold for investment is reduced to 500 thousand euros;
    • the investment project should provide for the creation and (or) development of production focused on export and (or) import substitution
  3. Registration as a FEZ resident
    To register as a FEZ Resident, the following documents are submitted to the administration of the corresponding FEZ:
    • application in the form approved by the administration of the FEZ;
    • certified in the prescribed manner copies of constituent documents with the presentation of the original documents;
    • a copy of the certificate of state registration with the presentation of the original document;
    • the business plan of the investment project in the form approved by the administration of the relevant SEZ;
    • payment document confirming the payment of state duty
  4. Signing an agreement on the conditions of activity in the free economic zone with the administration of the free economic zone

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