• Set up a workshop in order to process lupinus
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  • Set up a workshop in order to process lupinus
  • Type of investment project Предлагаемые для реализации инвестиционные проекты
  • Sector Crop Farming (A)
  • Total volume of investments, thousand $ 24 800
  • Expected input of an investor, thousand $ 24 800
  • Investor participation form новое предприятие с участием местного партнера
  • Locality Минский район
  • Project description The project implementation involves construction of a workshop in order to process lupinus with the production capacity up to 14 000 tons of raw materials per year in order to produce lupinus isolate, lupinus oil, as well as shell of lupinus grain. The products will be used mainly in the food industry, in the production of cosmetic oils, and will also be raw materials for the production of environmentally friendly biodegradable tableware.

The nomenclature of the product to be produced with indication of the CN FEA code

- Lupinus isolate;

    - Lupinus oil;

      - Raw materials for the production of biodegradable tableware.

            • Potential customer Internal market: Professional market – supplies to public or private food producing companies (mainly meat processing plants), producers of fodder and feed additives, supplies to food and bakery industries, as well as application of lupinus processing products in the field of cosmetology and pharmacology. Private market – retail and wholesale trade, sale of lupinus processing products to individuals. Foreign market: Export supplies to the markets of the Eurasian economic Union and the Commonwealth of independent States countries, as well as markets of other countries
            • Key benefits of the project Availability of qualified and cheap labor resources; Guaranteed sales markets on the territory of Belarus and abroad; Benefits and preferential at implementation of the investment project; Possibility of further production expansion and setting up of additional capacities; Scientific support from the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences; Possibility to export products to the EEU countries (more than 180 million consumers) without paying customs duties and payments.
            • Level of project development Availability of buisness plan.
            • Region Republic of Belarus
            • GPS coordinates 53.77742,27.55325
            • Simple pay-back period, yrs 3
            • Dymanic pay-back period, yrs 3.1
            • NPV, thousand $ 25
            • IRR, % 71.1
            • Set up a workshop in order to process lupinus
            • Volume of imports to the Republic of Belarus, thousand $ 3 600
            • Volume of exports from the Republic of Belarus, thousand $ 631
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