• Production of French Fries
Enterprise description
Full name of the company
Iceprodtorg, LLC
Project description
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  • Production of French Fries
  • Type of investment project Предлагаемые для реализации инвестиционные проекты
  • Sector Food Industry (CA)
  • Total volume of investments, thousand $ 13 500
  • Expected input of an investor, thousand $ 13 500
  • Investor participation form новое предприятие с участием местного партнера
  • Project description The investment project implies realization of company LLC IceProdTorg’s strategy aimed at construction of a new vegetable processing complex in order to produce French fries, as well as processing, packing, storing of potatoes and further shipping to consumer. Implementation of the investment project will allow the company to produce new import-substituting goods, to reduce losses in storage of agricultural products, meet the demand for this type of product in Belarus, as well as increases export and earns extra profit.

The nomenclature of the product to be produced with indication of the CN FEA code

French fries;

    Washed and packed potatoes;

      Washing and packing of potatoes;

        Vegetables storing.

            • Potential customer EEU countries and China – 90% Belarus, Ukraine and other – 10%
            • Key benefits of the project The demand for high-quality and environmentally friendly food has been formed in the Belarusian society, but the supply has not been formed; The country almost has not industrial production of French fries for large consumers, such as fast food restaurants; Trends in the meal of belarusian people can be called an increase in the role of eating outside, visiting fast food restaurants, hence is the reason for the dynamic development of the catering industry. Availability of raw materials (potato production in 2018 amounted to 5.8 million tons) and guaranteed supplies from agricultural farming companies of the Brest and Grodno regions; Availability of qualified labour resources with the real experience in the sphere of agriculture. Access to the local market as well as markets of EEU countries; Unsaturation of Belarusian’s market by French fries (annual import is more than 5 000 tons).
            • Level of project development The business plan is drawn up
            • Full name of the company Iceprodtorg, LLC
            • Form of ownership Private
            • Region Brest Region
            • District Brest District
            • Land area, ha 4.00
            • Annual revenues once fully operational (without VAT, thousand $) 2 500
            • Simple pay-back period, yrs 6
            • Dymanic pay-back period, yrs 8
            • IRR, % 40
            • Production of French Fries
            • Production of French Fries
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