• Innovative production of pellets from biomass
Enterprise description
Full name of the company
Parokhonskoye, JSC
Year of establishment
Primary activity
Products, services description (detailed, indicating CN FEA code)
Meat and milk production
Superior body
Pinsk district Executive Committee
General reference and analytical information about the company
Characteristics of the initiator's production potential As of 01.01.2019 JSC Parokhonskoe owns fixed assets with a total book value (replacement) of 211,066 thousand rubles, their residual value is 151,101 thousand rubles. The average depreciation of fixed assets for JSC Parokhonskoe as of 01.01.2019 is 31.1 %. The cost of the organization's property is 78.3% formed by buildings and structures, and 12.7 % – by machinery and equipment. The existing production facilities of the enterprise are designed to receive 4850 thousand heads of repair young animals. Available technological solutions provide the necessary high-quality operation of the enterprise. The company's production areas are provided with the required socio-economic, engineering and communication infrastructure.
Cost effectiveness and solvency indicators of the company (before project implementation)
Project description
Infrastructure necessary for project implementation
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