• Construction of a waste recycling complex
Enterprise description
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CJSC Vitebsk Industrial Processing Plant
Products, services description (detailed, indicating CN FEA code)
30% - secondary raw materials (waste paper, polymers, glass, glass scrap, black metal, nonferrous metal); 
70% - tails (organics, waste paper, polymers, glass, broken glass, black metal, non-ferrous metal, textile, leather, rubber, stones, plaster, ceramics, wood, bones, etc., subject to landfilling).
General reference and analytical information about the company
Vitebsk Industrial Recycling Plant is an oligopolist in the municipal solid waste market of Vitebsk with the volume of removal of more than 10 thousand tons of MSW per year, as well as operating its own sorting station at the existing city landfill
Cost effectiveness and solvency indicators of the company (before project implementation)
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