3.3 Algorithm for developing pre-project documentation

  1. Initiation of the project. Head appointment
  2. Development and approval of a schedule for the preparation of project documentation
  3. Determination of the contractor
  4. Definition of preliminary project parameters, collection of initial data
  5. Filing a declaration of intent (if necessary)
  6. Development of an investment rationale and project management plan
  7. Development of a business plan (if necessary, attraction of credit funds or investment resources)
  8. Development of architectural planning concept (if necessary)
  9. Preparation of design assignment
  10. Passing a state environmental review of investment justification (if necessary)
  11. Conducting a public discussion of the architectural and planning concept of the object (if necessary)
  12. Conducting state comprehensive examination of the business plan (if necessary)
  13. Approval of pre-project documentation of the customer in case of passing all necessary examinations and obtaining approvals