>>Beshenkovichi District

Beshenkovichi District

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PRODUCTION Grape wines
Manufacture of plastics in primary forms
1249,7 km2
Land area
29313 ha
Agricultural area
Farmland and tillable land bonitet
Mineral Resources
Water resources
Forest and environmental resources
Tourist Potential
Accommodation Infrastructure
Innovational and business infrastructure
Unused government property
Rental cost
    Ulla State Vocational Lyceum of Agricultural Production in honor of L.M. Dovator - training of specialized workers (111 people annually) Specializations:
  • 4th category cook
  • A, B, C category vehicle driver
  • tractor-driver
  • 3rd category electric welder of manual welding
  • 3rd category plasterer
  • 2nd category repairman for agricultural equipment
  • 2nd category carpenter
  • 4-5th category stock-breeder
  • 2nd category green building worker
  • 2nd category milking machine operator
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