• Production of hardwood sawn veneer
Project description
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  • Production of hardwood sawn veneer
  • Sector Woodworking (CC16)
  • Total volume of investments, thousand $ 1 557
  • Expected input of an investor, thousand $ 814 000
  • Investor participation form создание нового производства (предприятия)
  • Locality Lelchitsy
  • Project description This project is aimed at organizing the production of lamellas (sawn veneer) from solid hardwood for export.<br> The main advantages of the project are the large and growing demand of the world market for manufactured products and its high profitability. For the production of lamellas from oak, ash and other types of wood, it is planned to use advanced technologies that do not require modernization for a long time, provide economical processing of valuable raw materials and a product of competitive quality. To date, there are preliminary agreements for the delivery of lamellas to Austria and Germany, exceeding the production capacity of the project with two-shift operation of the equipment. Given the demand, it is possible in the future to increase production volumes. The company has developed options for the production and export of products using lamellas, but with greater added value. These are double-layered floor coverings, wall panels, furniture boards. Another variant of production development is also possible (it is subject to discussion with the investor). There ıs a land plot with production building with an area of ​​8258 square meters. The existing production buildings are sufficient for the long-term development of the enterprise. The workshops are located in the Republic of Belarus, Gomel region. town of Lelchitsy. The location of the workshops provides access to a rich timber resource base and human resources. A detailed business plan for the project has been developed. The investor is offered 50% in the project. For the implementation of the project, an amount of $ 800,000 is needed to purchase equipment. For the supply of equipment, there is also a preliminary agreement with the Austrian company on equipment installation and training of personnel.<br>
  • Potential customer Wooden furniture and flooring manufacturers
  • Key benefits of the project High demand for products; High profitability of the production; Quick payback of the project; Development prospect for production output with higher added value; Materials renewability; Private workshops and a land plot.
  • Level of project development Business-plan developed by IPM-Consult Invest LLC
  • Region Gomel Region
  • District Lelchitsy District
  • GPS coordinates 51.787702, 28.324860
  • Land area, ha 0.89
  • Annual revenues once fully operational (without VAT, thousand $) 2 094 866
  • Simple pay-back period, yrs 2.4
  • Dymanic pay-back period, yrs 2.7
  • NPV, thousand $ 135 600
  • IRR, % 14.16
  • Discount Rate, % 8.7
  • Production of hardwood sawn veneer
  • Production of hardwood sawn veneer
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