• OJSC Turovshchina shares selling
Enterprise description
Full name of the company
OJSC Turovschina
Year of establishment
Primary activity
Agricultural production, processing of agricultural products, tourism, hunting, fishing
Superior body
JSC Belagroprombank
General reference and analytical information about the company
OJSC Turovshchina is registered on 20.08.2009 for No. 490526759 in the Unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, the decision of the Zhitkovichi district Executive Committee Created by the reorganization of the Agropripyats enterprise with the attaching of Richevskiy, Zapesochie, and Veresnitsa enterprises The company is the legal successor of the rights and obligations of the Turov cannery plant and farming enterprise New life
Cost effectiveness and solvency indicators of the company (before project implementation)
Project description
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