• Renovation of Riviera Hotel Centre
Enterprise description
Full name of the company
LLC Morskaya Reviera
Project description
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  • Renovation of Riviera Hotel Centre
  • Sector Hotels and Restaurants (I)
  • Total volume of investments, thousand $ 1 600
  • Expected input of an investor, thousand $ 1 600
  • Investor participation form вхождение в капитал действующего предприятия
  • Project description Action Plan 1. Review of zoning for efficient use of the territory. 2. Construction of additional pavilions for small companies. 3. Path surface and proper connection routes for convenience of movement between the facility’s areas. 4. Designing a spectacular entrance space, which the guests see first when they arrive. 5. Building a concert stage. 6. Development of Riviera’s unique selling proposition and its positioning as an exclusive center of year-round luxury recreation center at the Minsk Sea for the CIS. 7. Determining the target audience. With this in mind, we will define the list of activities and create zones so that the complex has unique advantages to ensure sales throughout the year. 8. Rental of cross-country skis, sky surfing, warm pool in winter, ice sculptures contests to attract guests to the complex in winter.
  • Key benefits of the project 1. Unique location on the shore of the Minsk Sea, a 10-minute drive from Minsk 2. A quiet but at the same time accessible place. • Nothing spoils the view. An excellent viewing platform overlooking the water, yachts passing by, and the territory of the complex. • 3. An ideal place for locating the club’s yachts. The depth allows for the yachts of all types to approach, in contrast to Robinson Club and Yunost Health Resort. • 4. The harbor is protected from strong winds and waves from the south, west, and north by the forest, the peninsula and the island. • 5. The embankment can accommodate numerous piers and yachts. • 6. The hotel’s and club’s architecture creates an intimate setting and corresponds to a closed elite club. • 7. The territory of the complex is potentially suitable for holding large-scale events or several minor events at the same time.
  • Full name of the company LLC Morskaya Reviera
  • Form of ownership Private
  • Region Minsk Region
  • District Minsk Region
  • GPS coordinates 53.96229,27.33052
  • Renovation of Riviera Hotel Centre
  • Revenue, thousand $ 331
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