• Miory Rolling Mill
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MMPZ Group.Ltd
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cold rolling of tapes and narrow strips
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Production of tinplate and cold rolled sheet. Tin is used in the manufacture of packaging for food and beverages. The main areas of application of cold-rolled steel: engineering and construction. The strength of cold-rolled sheets ensures the widest demand for this material in the construction industry. So, cold-rolled sheets are used not only as corrugated board, but also as wall, roofing. Cold rolled sheet metal was widely used in mechanical engineering for the manufacture of car bodies, stamped parts of machines and mechanisms.
General reference and analytical information about the company
Miory Metal Rolling Plant will be the only one of its kind producer of tinplate of electrolytic tinning and cold rolled sheet in the Republic of Belarus and will occupy a worthy place among the producers of tinplate in the CIS and Europe. The uniqueness of the new plant lies in the use of modern, energy-saving, environmentally friendly equipment and technologies that allow the production of highly liquid high-quality products with minimal costs. Modern, energy-saving, environmentally friendly High quality products Highest safety standards Miory Metal Rolling Plant is designed and built according to European standards, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and requirements in the field of industrial safety and ecology.
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