• Reconstruction of the bus station building in Vileyka
Enterprise description
Full name of the company
Branch "Bus depot №5" OJSC Minoblavtotrans "
Year of establishment
Primary activity
49311 urban and suburban transportation by buses in regular traffic
Products, services description (detailed, indicating CN FEA code)
49410 freight road transport activities 49391 transport by buses, except urban and suburban in regular service 49319 transportations by other means of transport in the city and suburban traffic
Superior body
OJSC "Minoblavtotrans"
General reference and analytical information about the company
The company serves 29 routes: the city - 6, the suburb -17, the intercity - 6. The length of the route network is 1,550 km.
Cost effectiveness and solvency indicators of the company (before project implementation)
Project description
Infrastructure necessary for project implementation
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