• Comprehensive yeast processing on the base of Oshmyany Yeast Plant
Enterprise description
Full name of the company
branch of OJSC "Yeast Plant" Oshmyany Yeast Plant "
Year of establishment
Primary activity
production of pressed baker's yeast
Products, services description (detailed, indicating CN FEA code)
pressed yeast "Stolichnie" (2102103900), dried baker's yeast (2102103100), pressed baked yeast "Express. The Best" (2102103900), dried alcoholic yeast (2102103100), dried yeast for feed purposes (2102201900)
Superior body
concern Belgospischeprom
General reference and analytical information about the company
The plant is located in the west of the Republic of Belarus in the town of Oshmyany, 52 km from Vilnius and 133 km from Minsk. 5 thousand tons per year (the maximum capacity can reach about 400 tons per month at full utilization). The production of bakery yeast (compressed and dried), as well as the production of dried fodder yeast. The market value of the branch: 450 000-700 000 USD
Cost effectiveness and solvency indicators of the company (before project implementation)
Project description
Infrastructure necessary for project implementation
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