The oil shale Turov Deposit

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Gomel Region
Zhitkovichi District
Initial payment amount, $:
Land area, ha:
In the immediate vicinity are the main Railways Brest-Gomel, Baranovichi-Rivne; highways Brest-Gomel, Mikashevichi-Minsk and navigable rivers Pripyat and Goryn.The power supply of the facility is possible from a transformer substation with a voltage of 1.10 / 10 kilovolts in David-Gorodok.
Term of concession, yrs:
General description of concession object:
The depth of the formation is from 66 to 507.4 meters. The reservoir capacity is 0.5-2.7 meters, on average-1.49 meters. M the heat of combustion of oil shale on dry fuel -4.19 MJ / kg, the minimum yield of primary resins-6 percent.Mineral reserves by categories: C1+C2-696,899 thousand tons, including primary resins-53,590 thousand tons, of which category C1 -327,718 thousand tons, including primary resins-2520 thousand tons, and category C2 -369,181 thousand tons, including primary resins - 28,390 thousand tons.
The center of the field is located 20 kilometers South of the railway station Mikashevichi.

Statistical data for Zhitkovichi District